Leather & Thread

Each leather option has been hand-selected from ethically sourced tanneries in the United States, and tested to confidently guarantee life-long use.

All wallets are made with Vegetable Tanned Leather from Wickett and Craig of America. Veg Tan is a chemical-free leather that is given its color is through a natural process using organic tannins in tree bark and leaves. This tanning process generally takes between 30-60 days.

Vegetable Tanned leather is famous for its remarkable aging process. Over time it will uniquely darken and develop a glazed surface known as a patina.

All wallets are hand-stitched with a durable waxed polycord from Maine Thread Company in Lewiston, Maine.

Thread colors from top to bottom:

Natural, Tan, Brown, Olive, White, Black.


Additional products such as Catch-All Trays, Key Clips, and Fobs require a heavier weight (thicker) leather for structure and longevity. These four leather options are sourced from Acadia Leather in Maine, USA.

Each leather is a 5.5 oz, chemically tanned, Pull-Up leather. This leather is hot stuffed with waxes and oils to give smooth color shifts when the leather is manipulated and bent.