Leather & Thread

Leather wallets are commonly made from Genuine or Bonded Leather.

These are to full-grain leather as particle board is to hardwood.

The manufacturing process of Genuine and Bonded Leather is very similar to particle board. It takes leather scraps and shavings and glues them together with an embossed surface to imitate full-grain leather. 

This material does not last. 

Each of the nine variants of leather are proudly used with the highest quality full-grain leathers from ethically sourced tanneries in the United States.

Natural, Tan, and Olive are Vegetable Tanned Leathers from Wickett and Craig of America. Veg Tan is given its color is through a natural process using tannins in bark and leaves. This process generally takes between 30-60 days. Vegetable Tanned leather is famous for its remarkable aging process. Over time it will darken and develop a glazed surface known as a patina.

Ocean, Stone, and Moss are Nubuck Leathers sourced from Acadia Leather in Maine, USA. Nubuck has a buffed surface with a smooth, velvety feel. These vibrant colors are chemically tanned and have a contrasting tan surface on the opposite side. Nubuck leather is more prone to visible wear and tear when used on an everyday basis. Scuffs and scratches are more apparent but will blend together when fully broken in, giving the leather a naturally rugged appearance.

Wheat, Autumn, and Black are Pull-Up Leathers sourced from Acadia Leather in Maine, USA. Pull-Up Leather is hot stuffed with waxes and oils to give the leather the color shifts when manipulated and bent. The waxes give this leather its gorgeous character and have a higher water resistant surface.

Thread options are an extremely durable waxed polycord from Maine Thread Company.